Sharing our stories connects us as human beings. 

After a successful career in sales and marketing at Kaiser Permanente, I felt the call to adventure. So I resigned from the corporate life and bought a one way ticket to Bali, Indonesia. What started out as a three month trip turned into a three year sabbatical in South East Asia, with my camera, a journal and a blog. I used Bali as a home base while I traveled and started my freelance writing career. There, I remembered the joy of taking risks, emerging myself in different cultures and telling stories about real people and experiences.

That’s when I experienced the power of collaboration and empathy.

In the Balinese culture community and spirituality are more important than money. Each village has a variety of “Banjars”. It’s a group of families who join together to form a small neighborhood and is the center of Balinese social life. Every family in a Banjar contributes their time and money to all the community festivals, life cycle events and major holidays. No matter what someone’s profession is, preparing for festivals is a collaborative and creative undertaking where everyone works together. The artistry and attention to detail that goes into Balinese festivals and ceremonies makes them extraordinary and memorable. 

When a marriage, death, or birth happens, everyone in the Banjar experiences it together. During these events I began to feel the fabric of a tightly woven community with rituals and customs that I deeply respected and learned from. The empathy I developed came from hearing personal stories and cultural myths about the people and the community I became a part of. 

When we integrate those qualities of empathy and collaboration into business, we bring the humanity back into it.

I love telling stores that immerse people in the lifestyle you want them to experience. I believe that good writing can help people make better decisions. It can take them on a journey that both introduces and connects them to you and your business. 

More importantly, it helps you serve your customers in ways that are meaningful to them.

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