The Power of Passion: Wildlife Photographer Suzi Eszterhas

Wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas has a rare combination of enthusiasm and sensitivity which comes through in all her work. I sat down with her to learn more about the life she’s created for herself. We talked about how she’s learned to balance travel with relationships at home. As well as, how introducing young girls to wildlife photography has become her latest passion.

Home Baked: Little Bee Baking in Bernal Heights

Stacie Pierce, former Executive Pastry Chef of the famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley, knew that she was giving up a coveted spot when, in 2013, she decided to work closer to home and start a family. In July 2013, she ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the shop. By September 2013 Little Bee Bakery opened its doors on Cortland Avenue. Since then, she’s been able to combine her love of baking with her love of community.

Bernal Businesses Supporting Each Other in Sweet and Savory Ways

Jes Taber, owner of Eye of the Avocado, has found a new home at Little Bee Bakery. Her savory specialty, already well known in the Bernal hood is the ROYBGIV Sandi. After months of temporary pop-ups in locations like Avedano’s Meats and 833 Cortland, Jes found a new home on Cortland Ave. These Bernal businesses, Stacie Pierce, of Little Bee, and Jes Taber seem to go together like sweet and savory. Together they provide more tasty options to their customers. It’s a story of neighbors working together and supporting each other, while adding to the allure of Bernal Heights.