Get your best client work out of your head, and onto your website.


As a creative professional, your case studies are one of your most powerful marketing tools! But when you try to actually sit down to write case studies, it’s easy to let overwhelm set in and put the daunting task off until tomorrow. 

Does this sound familiar:

  • “How do I even choose which clients to do a case study on? Where do I start?”

  • “Writing about myself and my work gives me total anxiety.” 

The truth is, strong success stories attract more of the work you want to do. So you end up missing out on critical content to market your business.

That’s why I’ve created a case study package for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to get those client projects out of your head and onto your website.

How it Works:

  • Deep dive strategy call to understand your business and the scope of work

  • Questions to help you think though the storytelling narrative you want to use

  • Showing your process, problem solving skills and the impact of your work

  • Delivering 4 case studies ready for your website for $650

Recent Examples

Sophia Malvradies of Hi5 Studio in Sausalito isn’t your average web designer and photographer. She has the creative vision to bring the unique spark she sees in each of her clients into their brand identity. Visually, she understands how to breathe life into their businesses. We created case studies that highlighted her designs and branding photography.

When it comes to growing your business, client case studies make great marketing content and the perfect way to share a few of those raving testimonials. 

Investing the time and creativity into sharing who you are and the clients you serve always results in attracting more of those clients you love to work with.


I’m Jen Baxter and I’ve worked with photographers, web designers and branding professionals to help them tell their stories.

When it comes to writing case studies, I’ve seen the overwhelm set in. I want to change that by helping you find your unique writing voice.

You’ll feel less anxious and get your creative mojo back into marketing your business.