Ever Wish You Could Create Images You Love?


We walk around all day with these powerful cameras in our pockets but most of us  never take the time to learn how to use them.

Join me for a mobile photography workshop to learn the basics of light and composition, but also how to unlock your inner creative!

We’ll start at the iconic City Hall in Civic Center. Then, spend 2 hours walking through the Hayes Valley neighborhood,  learning how to see like a photographer. Not only will you get the chance to learn something new, but you'll also get time to practice your new skills.

By the end you’ll understand the difference between taking a photo and making a photo with intention.

Just think of how jealous your friends will be of those new Instagram posts!

How It Works

We’ll start at the The Hivery Co-working space in Mill Valley. At the tables outside we’ll have a brief photo lesson that will cover the basics of light, composition and color.

What we'll cover:

  • How the camera on our phones work

  • Some of the features you may not know about that could be game changers for your photos

  • What editing app to use so you can understand the creative process from start to finish


From there we’ll take a photo walk around downtown Mill Valley. We’ll stop to notice details and hidden alleys in the neighborhood that are great for picture making. We’ll head up to the park off Throckmorton. By the end you’ll relax in the park and understand the difference between taking a photo and making a photo with intention.


Finally we'll end up back at the Hivery to go through our photos. Everyone can choose a photo they like and we’ll go through the editing process together.



Workshop Your Creativity

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  • Wear layers as we’ll be out at the sun goes down

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Bring a mobile phone - I use an iPhone but any mobile phone camera will do - we can work with all of them.

  • We’ll be talking about photo basics and I can show you the technical side of any phone. Bring your iTunes or Android App password to learn editing apps.