Mobile Photography Classes

Need an off-site activity that helps your team be more creative and innovative?

Something that shifts their mindset and gets people outdoors, socializing and away from their desks? 

You're looking for something that's outdoors and active but not too athletic so everyone can participate.  

With this class you'll learn the fundamentals of photography and visual storytelling.

Tips, tricks and techniques to take Instagram-worthy photos with your phone.

You'll learn about some features on your camera that most people don't even use.

There's actually one feature that shocks people every time! 

It can be a game changer for great photos.

Then we'll talk about one editing app.

That's when everyone starts thinking like a photographer.

So we head outside for a photo walk.

The walk offers a chance to slow down and look at life through a different lens. People start paying attention to natural light, texture, color and pattern. After, we put one of your photos in an editing app and complete the creative process.

The best part?

Everyone slows down to see the world around them differently. 

It's guaranteed to build creative confidence and improve the Instagram feed.

When you need a group activity for:

  • Corporate offsites as a creative activity before drinks and dinner

  • Team Building events when you want to foster collaboration and engagement

  • Conferences where imagination and innovation are on the agenda

  • Photo trainings for grant proposals & donor appreciation on social

  • Private Parties because everyone wants to take a better picture for that next big trip

  • Private lessons Learn to visually tell the story of your business.