Why Work With Me?

It’s rare to find a blend of writer and visual storyteller. I’ve been the assistant director of a women’s photography camp. That means you have a skilled collaborator on your side. Someone who’s comfortable working with a variety of creatives.



As a certified Copyblogger content marketer we’ll define metrics for campaigns and craft a plan that focuses on your core audiences. You won’t get a rigid strategy to follow, instead we’ll take your readers on a journey with approachable, informative content that we iterate and improve on.

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As a professional photographer, I have a visual vocabulary and know how to use the power of images to tell a more compelling story. You’ll have a reliable partner who understands your customers technical struggles and can turn that into conversational copy. We’ll unlock your creativity with quick wins by creating content that supports your programs. 

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As a published writer, I’ve become adept at generating story ideas and interviewing sources. That means you’ll be working with someone who develops relationships with spokespeople, customers and subject matter experts. In a industry where freelancers are often unreliable, you’ll have a partner and a resource you can turn to again and again. I foster close relationships with ongoing clients for years.

You can Read a few writing samples here.